My Wife

Tomorrow my wife has a birthday. Not sure what the rule is on telling a woman’s age so I’ll only give a hint…. It rhymes with Flirty Dive!!!!  For those who don’t know her, she is as unique as her name, Mystic.  She never backs down from a challenge and always goes into things 100% […]

Accent Walls

Believe me, I get it. Buying a new home is expensive and trying to get it all furnished is even worse. It’s still hard to fight the urge to do some improvements. I’m the same way with all my vehicles too. I just can’t wait to do something to personalize it. It’s just something I […]

The Struggles of Life

I promised myself that I would be as real and honest about everything when I started this blog. I’ve posted things from DIY to funny life stories. Diversity is important and also letting others know they aren’t alone when going thru things.  I was driving home last night and felt the weight of the world […]

Rough Weekend

So I try not to write too much negative stuff, but after you read how my weekend went, you will probably laugh more than anything.  On Friday, while working, I slipped in an attic and fell through the ceiling. Luckily my shin caught my fall. I ended up putting a pretty big hole in the […]

Save The Crust

This is a different subject than I usually cover. When you have a blog called Dads Do It Better, you have to prove it.  Everyone loves a good ole PB&J or grilled cheese. Keaghan loves them but always wants the crust off. After a few days, we realized how much wasted bread we have. Mystic […]