Save The Crust

This is a different subject than I usually cover. When you have a blog called Dads Do It Better, you have to prove it. 

Everyone loves a good ole PB&J or grilled cheese. Keaghan loves them but always wants the crust off. After a few days, we realized how much wasted bread we have. Mystic bagged up most of it and was going to figure out a way to use it.  I had an idea for breakfast this morning and it turned out great. 

What you need

3 eggs

Seasoning(your choice)

Spoon full of cream cheese

Butter(I use spray butter)

Left over crust

I started by scrambling eggs on medium heat. I used oregano, salt, pepper, and garlic to season. 

I turned the heat off when they were still a little runny and added the cream cheese. I removed the pan from the burner and let it finish cooking.

While that is going, I sprayed the crust with spray butter and laid 2 strips in a muffin tin. I then added 2 more strips to create a basket look. Add the eggs to each basket. 3 eggs will make 6 pieces. I topped each with a small square of cheddar cheese and baked on 350 for about 10 minutes. 

Obviously there are a lot of variations you could do. It makes a great breakfast to eat at home or take on the road. 


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