Rough Weekend

So I try not to write too much negative stuff, but after you read how my weekend went, you will probably laugh more than anything. 

On Friday, while working, I slipped in an attic and fell through the ceiling. Luckily my shin caught my fall. I ended up putting a pretty big hole in the sheetrock. I was able to have it fixed before the weekend saving me a lot of headaches. 

I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but after a birthday party and running around with Mattis, I offered to help our new neighbor redo his patio to make it more secured. I loaded all my tools up and headed next door. So we had a 16 foot-2×8 board wedged above us and since there was only 2 of us, I held up one side while he put a screw in it. I don’t know what I was thinking but I walked to the other side and halfway there, the 2×8 fell right on top of my head!!!  I think I’m a bit concussed still, but who knows. 

You’d think that would be enough to call it a day, but I kept working. After a few more hours, we hit a stopping point and decided to go eat. I loaded up my tool bag and dropped it over the fence. All of a sudden, I hear a small explosion and a lot of hissing. That ended up being a blue can of spray paint that was pierced and exploded in my bag. Everything, and I mean everything, was coated with blue paint!!  

I was able to clean my drills a little, but still have a lot more to work on!!  This trifecta of doom was enough to end my weekend of construction. We relaxed all day Sunday!!  

Just remember, hard hats aren’t the worst things to have on!!  


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