The Unspoken Problem of Carrying a Handgun

Being from Texas, I love the fact that carrying a pistol on your person is allowed. I did have my reservations of the open carry law, but that was more for the few gun nuts who might carry dual .50 cal pistols around. Since the law was passed, I have only seen one person open carry. I have to admit that I even did it once just to see how it felt. 

The debate has been why actually carry out in the open?  For me, I’d rather have the element of surprise than show my hand. If I need to act on a threat, I know that I’m fast enough to engage before they can react. For me, it’s a much bigger issue than open or concealed carry. 

Taking an 8 hour class is not going to prepare you when/if the time comes to use it. Being a Marine, we shot a lot of rounds in different scenarios. We honed our skills to become second nature. That was something I did before and after serving. Live fire training is always good, but shooting a paper target isn’t realistic. You need as much practice with your mechanics that you do actually shooting. 

Knowing how fast you can draw from the holster. How fast you can get on target. Knowing how much trigger pull you have and how to engage your second shot as fast as possible. These are things you can practice at home. We did some training that showed that someone 10′ away can charge you and get ahold of you before you can draw your weapon. If that happens, you  need to run backwards while drawing. These are the things that you need to practice. Look up YouTube videos on subjects like these. Get some pointers or reach out and get some training. 

The last thing I want to bring up, and it’s probably the most important. You better realize that once you draw a weapon on someone, you better be ready to pull the trigger. You’ve crossed a line that will most likely end wth someone being shot. If you think someone is gonna stand there and let you just point a gun hoping the police will show up, think again. You need to face the fact that you will have to look another person in the eye and pull the trigger. It’s either them or you. That’s a reality that most don’t think about. If you can’t do that, then you need to leave it at home. Don’t put yourself in a situation where they get your weapon from you and use it. Stay ready, stay vigilant, and practice every day. 


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