My Wife

Tomorrow my wife has a birthday. Not sure what the rule is on telling a woman’s age so I’ll only give a hint…. It rhymes with Flirty Dive!!!!  For those who don’t know her, she is as unique as her name, Mystic. 

She never backs down from a challenge and always goes into things 100% to ensure it’s done correctly. In many ways, she is like me. Doing the task herself instead of asking for help. She came into my life at a perfect time and loves me and Keaghan like no other. She is human and shows signs of stress when it’s too much to hide, but rebounds quickly and goes back at it. 

Something I truly didn’t learn until a couple of weeks ago is that although I am a strong man, I still need help from her. When I had a severe anxiety attack, my first thought was to call her. Her voice calmed my nerves and put me at ease. It’s days like that  which reinforce my need to love this woman more every day. 

As her birthday approaches, I can only pray that we grow stronger together and enjoy our lives. She is one in a million and I’m thankful she is mine. 
I love you with all my heart and soul,

Your Husband


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