The Big Reveal

If there is one thing I’ve learned from building houses; there is a lot of dead space. Especially in 2 story homes. When I walk a buyer through before Sheetrock, I always tell them to take notes and pictures of places they can expand closets or other rooms. So in our own house, we were […]

I’m at it again

So I had a big weekend plan. First, little Keaghan turned 5 on Friday. I was so excited to pick her up and spend time with her. We both decided that we wanted to surprise Momma Mystic when she got home Saturday. I’ve had a headboard I built awhile ago, but never finished the whole […]

While the wife is away, I build

So today, I’ve been planning to build a pedestal for our dryer. Sure, I could go buy one but who wants to spend that kinda money when I could make one more functional. We already have the washer pedestal that you can actually wash clothes in.  So I start measuring and cutting, and quickly run […]

Puppy Update

So I feel like I’m turning into Marley and Me with these updates. Here we have Mattis who has fit right in at our house. He is both funny and smart. We were lucky to find him young enough to train but old enough to miss most of the puppy stage.  We have learned a […]

Operation Laundry Room

I know, I know, I promised a big reveal. Be patient cause it’s almost done. In the meantime, Mystic gave me some ideas about the laundry room of her dreams. (I use the word dream loosely. What woman dreams of doing laundry??) Given the space we have, I decided to get to work. The sad […]

Big Trouble in Dogtown

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a huge dog lover and know they are very rambunctious when they are young. This is especially true with labs. Take Mattis for example, it took him a few days to get used to us. I can honestly say he has adapted well.  On to the trouble… We […]